Caxigalines nella Reguera'l Campizu

22 febbraio 2010


Hoxe saín da cama con Shakespeare he's in the alley with his pointed shoes and his bells speaking to some french girl who says she knows me well. E pasei un par de minutos na ducha con Mona tried to tell me to stay away from the train line. Almorcei con the dragman draws circle up and down the block. Ía en coche pola autoestrada con the senator came down here showing ev'ryone his gun. Entrei no choio con Grand Pa died last week and now he's buried in the rocks e seguín unha reunión de non sei que con the one was a Texas medicine the other was just railroad gin. 
Aínda agora, even now, oh Mama, can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.

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